Our clinics are heavily involved in the fitness industry, working closely with CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting gyms.

Young Kempt Physiotherapy’s satellite clinic at Ironstone was set up with the health, wellness, fitness continuum in mind. Our goal is to provide high end functional rehabilitation for clients that are injured, recovering from surgery, or interested in injury prevention. We aim to return clients safely to their sport with important education on exercise dosing, proper form for their specific body and injury, and some exposure to higher end activities. This facility allows us to gradually progress our clients to heavier lifts, work with barbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, and the opportunity to run on turf surfaces.

We work with many athletes that have recently undergone ACL surgery and are away from their sport for 9-12 months. Having a facility like Ironstone allows us to work on components of their sport like running, cutting, jumping, and agility in a controlled and supervised environment. 
Ironstone also affords us the opportunity to work within the CrossFit community to help its members remain in their sport while recovering from an injury. Having their own Physiotherapist in house means that they can be monitored and progressed through modifications in workouts. They can participate in workouts at the group level while also having the opportunity to work one on one to correct techniques or protect injured areas. This allows them to maintain their level of activity and prevent fitness loss due to excessive time off.
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