Our Story

We go back, way back to 2003 where we met at the Dalhousie School of Physiotherapy. It’s funny how Newfoundlanders somehow gravitate to each other, even when they are from very different parts of the Rock and both transplanted onto “the Mainland”.  The past 2 decades has led us down a number of paths and included many adventures both personally and professionally.  We have experienced a lot together from studying, teaching, managing, coaching, working, playing, training, to travelling the world. 

In Physio school we weren’t in the same classes, but somehow that Newfoundland glue found us and stuck us together.

After graduating from Dal we worked in the Annapolis Valley before moving back to Halifax in 2006.  We took 2 months off to travel before starting the next chapter of our lives at Young Kempt Physiotherapy and Beaverbank Physiotherapy. Little did we know we would never leave.

The early years we worked diligently at improving our skills by reading , studying , practicing and soaking in information from colleagues.  Over that period we grew our caseloads in the clinic while also working with various athletes and sports teams such as hockey, soccer, football, running clubs and eventually crossfitters and weight lifters.  In 2011 we both completed our fellowship with the Canadian Academy of Manual Physiotherapy (CAMPT). We began teaching at the School of Physiotherapy and mentoring students from there and the CAMPT program. An attempt to use our proximity to the school to give back to the Physiotherapy community.


After a few years we became partners at the clinics that we would eventually go on to own. We bought a house, we got a dog (now 2 more) and we became permanent Nova Scotians – much to the chagrin of our Newfoundland (and one Fijian) parents. Halifax is where we met and it has always been the backdrop of our story. This city is woven into our lives, our history and our future. From that first coffee date at the original Dandelion Cafe on Spring Garden, to concerts at the Pogue Fado, walks through the Dalhousie campus and long nights studying at the Forrest and Tupper building. We are a part of this city and it is a large part of us. As much as we are Newfoundlanders, we are also Haligonians.

Now, almost 2 decades later we remain clinicians and business owners together. We are proud to be a part of the local business scene in Halifax and surrounding area and continue to support local businesses and entrepreneurs.  We feel it important that we all grow together and support each other.

One of closest partnerships we have is with Ironstone Strength and Conditioning.  At Ironstone we found a home to train in the sport we love and also found a partnership with similar health, fitness and business beliefs.  Here we have been able to meld together our personal and professional loves of training ourselves and treating other athletes.  We love it so much there we moved in!!

In the past 16 years our little company has grown a lot to include many services and specialities.  We are happy to employ so many other Haligonians, many of them also transplanted Canadians. We have seen our families grow, adding many 2 and 4 legged friends along the way.  We have seen and continue to see our therapists grow professionally into great therapists and personally into great people.  We truly look forward to continuing to grow together. It’s been an amazing ride over the past two decades and we look forward to the next two.

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