Custom Bracing

We work closely with DJO Global, a multinational company that has provided bracing options since 1978. The company has evolved over the last 4 decades and with it, so have the braces and rehabilitation devices they provide. The company’s philosophy, “ to get and keep people moving” is based on the idea that activity is the key to living a healthier lifestyle, better treatment outcomes, and improved healthcare economics for all.

This philosophy aligns with our own movement philosophy of “ Move well, move without pain” DJO Global provides us with bracing options to provide external support for joints that need a little extra stability. Our orthopaedic bracing catalogue provides options from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation and arthritic conditions.

We work closely with our patients and our brace fitter during the rehabilitation process to suggest specific bracing options to help you move better and with less pain.

We will help you choose your brace, fit it appropriately and teach you proper techniques to put it on, take it off and when its appropriate to wear it.

Braces can be off the shelf (found in the clinic or in the DJO Global catalogue) or custom made for your specific condition and body type.

DonJoy/Compex also provides a line of supports that are better designed around the Crossfit and the fitness athlete. These supports are designed to provide a level of bracing and compression to aid the fitness athlete in their sport. Compex also has a full line of electrostimulation technology units used by many elite crossfitters to maximize rehab and recovery. For more questions on these products please contact us.

Interested in finding out if bracing would be helpful for you?

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