Movement Assessment

We love movement.

We love it so much that we can’t stop thinking about it. We analyze gait in airports, we critique each other when we work out, we watch people as they walk by the windows at the clinic. No one is safe! Movement is a large part of who we are and what we do. We take extra care in looking at how you move. Since movement is such an important component in improving how you feel and how you function, we take extra time to assess it and teach you about it.

We spend much of our free time reading about movement and learning from the experts. Twice yearly many of our staff travel to Washington University in St. Louis to study movement from Shirley Sahrmann and some of the top researchers in the field. Here we get to brainstorm with international colleagues and learn about movement in the research setting as well as latest findings from Italy, Japan, Denmark and the US.Many other sports benefit from movement assessment similar to the running assessment. With our advanced knowledge of movement patterns and joint movement we are able to break most sports down to the basics of their movements.
We regularly perform these assessments on barbell athletes. We have special training and experience in  olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. Other sports that benefit from our experience in movement assessment include paddling, figure and ice hockey skating, rock climbing, gymnastics, aerial sports etc.

All athletes can benefit from our ability to analyze movement to identify sources of injury or inefficiency and design treatment plans around what we identify in the assessment process. We also have access to equipment involved in many of these sports including barbells, lifting racks, 15ft ropes, rings and other aerial devices.

We also use these skills to help patients restore their normal movement patterns after they have been disrupted by injury or surgery.


We have an eye for your movement.

Still limping after your total hip replacement? Have a funny hitch in your step since that ankle sprain? Can’t reach the top cupboard since your shoulder surgery last year? Having trouble with your Clean and Jerk or double unders? We can help you get to the root of your movement issue no matter your level of fitness or activity. Give us a call and let us have a look!

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